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With our range of tile leveling accessories renovation will be a lot simpler. You will find here all the tools required during mortar preparation and application, grouting and tile fixing. We are providing You accessories of top producers, Montolit and Peygran, specialized in tile leveling tools. Products available in our store are recommended both for professional tillers and amateurs. That’s why if You are planning an overhaul into your bathroom, You will find every tool needed in here.

Floats and tile cutters

We are offering You professional floats for grouting with extremely ergonomic handles, made of light and firm materials. Because of wide grip You can operate it using one or both hands. Pro sponge float – Triple Pack is recommended during various labours, thanks to interchangeable sponges. It is dedicated both for cleaning and abrasion, even difficult smudges will be removed. And with large size of a float, cleaning will be much faster and simpler.

In our range of tile tools you can find a big number of Tile cutters, manufactured by Montolit. Product is available in our store in different shapes and sizes, You can easily fit it with Your needs. Thanks to increased leverage of handle, Your labour will be a lot quicker and simpler. Tile cutters of Montolit are also distinguished from other products like that by adjustable breaking system.

Blades and other tools 

No tile leveling will be accurate without proper blade for tiles. We are offering you blades recommended for tiles of various materials, including ceramic, marble and porcelain stoneware. Product can be easily utilized both on wet and dry, you don’t have to switch the blade during the usage.

In the store You may also find handling system, dedicated to the tiles and slabs of larger sizes, up to 300×150 cm. This product made of galvanized steel is extremely immune to corrosion and wear.  This handling system is also equipped with telescopic grips, that’s why it is a lot easier to manipulate with it. And with special suction cups used in here, tiles and slabs will be secured during entire process.