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The main characteristic is its scale bar for the ceramics thickness (patented system). The scale bar allows us to adjust the tool to the pressure needed easily, quickly and effectively.

If higher pressure is needed, the tool can be adjusted one more point without causing the crosshead breakage or any other inconvenience. 

The parts in contact with the tile are made of plastic to avoid damaging the ceramic tiles

We are main distributors of tile leveling pliers from Peygran that is specialized in products dedicated to overhauls. If You are arranging a renovation of any size bathroom, or You are looking for the best tools for Your job as a tiller, our accessories are highly recommended.  

Useful pliers for tile leveling

In the store You can purchase tile leveling pliers made of steel, with handy plastic grip. Thanks to useful scale bar, You may easily adjust pliers to any pressure You will need at the moment. This handy tool doesn’t require a big strength, tile leveling is a lot easier and more effective because of it. Pliers are good to use during tiles installation both on the walls and floors, and thanks to an ergonomic design, You can also use it on a bigger areas without a rest. At the point of contact with a tile, tool is covered with plastic material, therefore You don’t need to be worry about any damages. We are offering You a Peygran’s pliers in a special price of $58.50, however it is also available in our starter kit.

Proper installation

With tile leveling system pliers You don’t need to be a professional to obtain desirable flatness of the surface. With Peygran’s wedges and clips entire installation will be quick and simple, You don’t need a sophisticated skills to use it. When the mortar is poured, place a tile carefully to it surface and use the contour to make sure it is even. Than stuck the clips underneath the tile, use wedges and pliers to gain desirable level. When mortar is dried enough you can simply remove clips and take off the wedges, which may be in use for several more times.

In the starter kit available in our store, You may purchase tile leveling system pliers with big amount of wedges and clips in a reasonable price of 99 Dollars. We are also recommending You another accessories dedicated to the tiles installation, available in the tools section. You will find professional tile cutters, blades, floats, handling system for bigger tiles and a lot more.

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