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“Sport is not only our passion it is the way of our living”

Sport apparel

We spend plenty of time in the gym, working on our bodies, overcoming our weaknesses, facing our fears and enjoying the improvements we notice. Besides all this, we also like to look good and feel nice. That is why we understand the value of gym apparel and we want to provide you the clothes of the best quality.

The sportswear that we offer was created with the cooperation of professional athletes and is designed down to the finest detail. The apparel was produced for people who are passionate about sport and for whom overcoming weaknesses during training is a part of everyday life. It is for people who value originality and the best quality of sportswear. The clothes are made of high quality fabrics that guarantee comfort and durability. All the materials are stretchable and they provide excellent sweat absorption. Flat seams that are skin friendly ensure satisfaction during workout.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Poland. We ship all over US and Canada.

“Sport is our passion, quality is our priority”

“Wear it with pride”