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Welcome to Our Online Store!

Our company is a distributor of the professional Tile Leveling System manufactured by Peygran®. We take care of the products we sell, and always cooperate with professional tilers and DIY customers. Our online store provides the world’s most innovative Tile Leveling System, you will also find numerous items that will help complete the job from start to finish to ensure a lippage-free finish.

You can find plenty of useful information for our products in our online store. We provide detailed and high-quality pictures about our products; you can also find helpful videos as well for demonstrations on how to use the Tile Leveling System. The Peygran Tiling Leveling System is extremely useful and has some of the greatest advantages including a lippage-free finish.

In our store, you may purchase every item of equipment needed, including different sizes of our leveling clips. We offer 0.5mm (1/51”), 1mm (1/32”), 1.5mm (3/64”), 2mm (1/16”) and 3mm (1/18”) in leveling clips. Other products offered are leveling wedges, pliers, stone clips and much, much more.

Anyone who would like to test our products should start with purchasing the Starter Kit, the kit consists of 100 clips, 100 wedges and a set of pliers.

How to get our goods?

If you want to purchase Peygran products, all you have to do it add the items into your cart and proceed to the checkout. It’s that easy! From there all you have to do it input your shipping address and the shipping rates and/or taxes will be calculated automatically.

You can pay with a variety of cards too, Visa/Mastercard/Discovery and American Express. The whole process takes just minutes, and with an order $100 or more the delivery charge is waived!

Do you want to learn more about us and our products?

Anyone who would like to see the latest information on the available products should follow us at Facebook and Instagram @tilelevelingsystems. What we showcase on our pages is:

  • How to pictures/videos on our products.
  • Completed projects from actual customers who use the Peygran brand daily.
  • Up to date information on our newest products.

If you have any questions about the innovative tile leveling system, feel free to reach out and ask! Our professional staff is here to answer any or all questions you may have. We will be more than happy to provide you with relevant knowledge of our products and help you to select the most suitable products for your project needs.