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Tile spacer for leveling (clips)


Tile spacer for leveling (clips)


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Leveling clips are made of high quality material, which allows them to be highly resistant to traction so that heavy pieces can be adjusted fast and effectively.

Clips have side cuts (patented), which allow us to remove them easily, just with a knock on the side in the joint direction, when the work is finished (mortar setting).

tile leveling clips

The sophisticated solution for tiling

At present tiles are frequently chosen because they are easy to clean and they also look aesthetically. Nevertheless, laying the tiles is not as easy task. Tiling is usually a nightmare especially for amateur tilers who have just started in their work this profession. This activity requires a lot of patient, time and concentration. The tilers should always remember to put them in a straight line to make them looking aesthetically and professional – and it is the worst nightmare of the specialists. They always want to do their job very well and fast enough. Sometimes they simply get in troubles and do their tasks in a wrong way. When you look in the past, the tilers used the plastic crosses to create grout lines of different width. However, this solution had some disadvantages, too. The crosses were very hard to pop from the tile and it sometimes took a lot of time to pop them out. And by this time could be dedicated to other activities. Luckily, it was in the past and nowadays tilers make a use of innovative techniques that help them to make their job better and more effective.

The innovation in tiling

Luckily, the experts in tiling together with scientists have found the way – the items that are especially recommended in this work – it is called the tile leveling spacers. It is a modern system that is simple and effective in the same time. It consists of plastic tile spacers that have been designed to make the time-consuming tiling more effective and faster. The application of the leveling spacers is very easy. You put them between the tiles during placing them on the floor or the wall – the surface does not matter at all. The plastic tile leveling spacers determine the space between tiles and later the grout looks more aesthetically, too. What is more, it also helps to put the tiles in a straight line because the leveling spacers protect the tiles from changing position. The tile spacers are placed without any sophisticated equipment. However, the only necessary things to have are the pliers. They are the tools that are useful during inserting the tile leveling clips. You also might need the wedges and wedge bases. That is all what you need during tiling. When you decide that your work is done, you can remove the wedges easily. It takes less than 10 minutes in a spacious room. It is worth to underline that wedges can be used numerous times and the only elements that have to be purchased are the tile leveling clips. If you are curious about the innovative solution, feel free to watch our video and learn more about application of the plastic tile spacers. What is more, if you still have some questions to ask, contact our employees that are here for you.

How to calculate the number of tile leveling clips required for the given tile?

It is a question that concerns a lot of tilers. However, it is pretty simple to calculate because there is used a picture with a table that present the right amount of tile leveling clips. To learn about the quantity of needed spacers, you need to measure the width and length of the given tile. Then you have to put the numbers to the table and you have an answer. For example, if the width of the tile is 12'' and its length is 24'', it means that you need only two leveling spacers per sqft. It is obvious that it is only the approximately amount and the professionals can adjust the number of tile spacers in accordance to their needs.

The ways to purchase the tile leveling clips

At our website, the professional tilers as well as DIYs have the possibility to purchase the tile leveling spacers. The leveling spacers are sold in practical bags where can be placed 100, 300 or 500 tile spacers. The price of the equipment starts from $25 and it is a reasonable price. When it comes to plastic spacers, they are offered in three different sizes: 1mm– 1/32''; 2mm- 1/16''; 3mm- 1/8''. The online store provides also other elements that are necessary in innovative tiling. Not only elements of tile leveling system like tile spacers / clips, wedges, stone clips, pliers, wedge bases but also multi spacers, grout floats and many more. What is more, the customers may also purchase tile leveling system starter kit that contains all necessary tools to finish a small job and also have a good chance to try the product. The shipping methods are also very beneficial for all the customers. All orders that are placed before 2PM on a working day (from Monday to Friday) are shipped out the same day. The store provides also free of charges shipping for orders over $70.

'Necessity is a mother of innovation' – it is an old proverb that underlines the high development of the innovative technologies. Thanks to applying the tile leveling clips, you may put the tiles in the right way, saving a lot of time, energy and money. What is more, if you are professional – you will be also satisfied because some parts of the leveling system equipment are permanent. It means that you replace only the tile leveling clips that do not cost much.

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