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LS Classic - Clip 1/16" (2mm)

LS Classic - Clip 1/16" (2mm)

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PEYGRAN TILE LEVELING SYSYEM 1/16” (2mm) Tile Spacer Clips 300 PCS. Heavy-duty, high-performance lippage-free tile and stone installation for DIY and professionals.

  • SIMPLY THE MOST RELIABLE TILE LEVELING SYSTEM OUT ON THE MARKET –PEYGRAN TILE LEVELING SYSYEM is heavy-duty and high-performance. It saves time, it is installation headache-free, and it yields the perfect leveled finish.
  • PEYGRAN TILE LEVELING SYSYEM ELIMINATES FLOOR AND WALL TILE LIPPAGE TO A PERFECT FINISH. When installing, there are no premature breakages, no clip stubs, and best of all, a clean removal of clips from their bases.
  • PEYGRAN IS RECOMMENDED BY MANY REPUTABLE SETTERS around the world. Note the online reviews.
  • FOR BETTER USE AND BEST PERFORMANCE –make sure to follow PEYGRAN instructions on the back of the spacer clip bags.
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