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LS Compact - Wedges

LS Compact - Wedges

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PEYGRAN® COMPACT  TILE LEVELING WEDGES come in bags of 80 and 200 pcs (see also Peygran Compact tile leveling clips). WEDGE FEATURES INCLUDE:

  •  Wide surface area coverage for good tile downwards leverage,
  • Angled wedge top for improved central position, grip and pressure,
  • Rounded wedge bottom edges to prevent scratches, &
  • Superior wedge material for a longer reusable life.

 PEYGRAN® COMPACT is a Heavy-Duty, High-Performance Leveling System best in the market for leveling tiles and preventing lippage. UNLIKE MOST LEVELING SYSTEMS, Peygran Compact tile spacer clips have been scientifically engineered, and are made from a combination of high strength nylon and polyamide to yield an exceptional even and leveled finish (note the online reviews)

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