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LS Classic - Starter Kit

LS Classic - Starter Kit

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PEYGRAN is one of the best and most complete tile installation system out in the market. Aside from offering a wide range of tile spacer clips and wedges, it also offers special components that include stone clips, anti-scratch protection plates, 90 degrees leveling brackets and adjustable ergonomic pliers.  Unlike other systems, PEYGRAN tile spacer clips are scientifically engineered and made from a combination of high tensile strength nylons and polyamides to yield an unmatched performance. FOR YOUR TRIAL TEST –the starter kit comes with 100 spacer clips, 100 wedges and one pair of installation pliers. Wedges are reusable, spacer clips are not.

  • KIT COVERS APPROX. 26 sq. ft. on 12”x12” tiles, or 37 sq. ft. on 12”x24” tiles, or 61 sq. ft. on 24”x 24” tiles.  (2.25 sq. m on 30 x 30 cm tiles, or 3.5 sq. m on 30 x 60 cm tiles, or 5.7 sq. m on 60 x 60 cm tiles)
  • SIMPLY THE MOST RELIABLE TILE LEVELING SYSTEM OUT ON THE MARKET –PEYGRAN TILE LEVELING SYSTEM is heavy-duty and high-performance. It saves time, it is installation headache-free, and it yields the perfect leveled finish.
  • PEYGRAN TILE LEVELING SYSTEM ELIMINATES FLOOR AND WALL TILE LIPPAGE TO A PERFECT FINISH. When installing, there are no premature breakages, no clip stubs, and best of all, a clean removal of clips from their bases.
  • PEYGRAN IS RECOMMENDED BY MANY REPUTABLE SETTERS around the world –note the online reviews.
  • FOR BETTER USE AND BEST PERFORMANCE –make sure to follow PEYGRAN instructions on the back of the tile spacer clip bags.


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